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People, Tech, & Transformation

Nelson Kwaje is a South Sudanese technologist and human rights campaigner with a remarkable track record. With over seven years of experience, he has championed positive change across East and Central Africa, leading projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, and Cameroon.

Shaping the Digital Landscape:

  • Alela Technologies: Nelson is the founder of Alela Technologies, a company that empowers governments, businesses, and non-profits with innovative solutions. These solutions focus on streamlining processes, developing human capital, enhancing visibility, and harnessing the power of digital storytelling.

  • Scenius Hub: Recognizing the need for youth development, Nelson founded and leads Scenius Hub. This unique space offers a serene co-working environment with Wi-Fi, power, and shared workstations, fostering collaboration and innovation. The hub goes beyond workspace by hosting diverse events – from youth engagement trainings to creative evenings, book launches, music performances, and even comedy shows – creating a vibrant community.

Promoting Digital Rights:

Nelson's dedication extends to safeguarding digital rights in South Sudan:

  • #defyhatenow: As chairperson, Nelson leads #defyhatenow, an organization promoting digital rights and fostering trust between stakeholders. They mobilize civic action against hate speech, misinformation, human rights violations, and incitement to violence.

  • 211Check: Pioneering fact-checking in South Sudan, Nelson played a key role in establishing 211Check, the first platform of its kind in the country. This platform has been instrumental in combating hate speech and misinformation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • SafeytComm: Recognizing the need for online safety, Nelson co-initiated SafeytComm, the first publicly available cyber safety hotline in South Sudan. This vital service provides digital safety tools, methodologies, and resources, empowering social media users and digital natives.

  • South Sudan Internet Governance Forum: Nelson's vision extends to national policy. He founded the South Sudan Internet Governance Forum, a multi-stakeholder platform for inclusive dialogue on internet governance issues. This forum brings together government, private sector, civil society, technical experts, and academics to navigate the digital landscape collaboratively.

Recognition and Continued Impact:

Nelson's exceptional work has not gone unnoticed. He was listed among the 100 most influential young Africans for the year 2020. Furthermore, he is part of Data4Change, a London-based non-profit that merges data, design, technology, and journalism to create lasting positive change. Nelson Kwaje is a true leader, shaping the future of technology and human rights in South Sudan.

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